Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Parting Shot

Cape Town EXIT through gift shop

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Sunday, October 28, 2018

Heading home

DHL sold us a huge carton for our African treasures so we have finally gone native.

We looked over the Beastly Fang log Kim together. Very professional.  A big thank you for keeping us on the page. I know she missed sleep waiting for news when we had collapsed in bed too exhausted to utter a syllable. Way to go Kim!

The Fangsters  Laurie, Pam & Trunk Monkey

Day 26: Cape Town-Hugs, tears, goodbyes, and promises to write

As I pack for the airplane, Laurie drives Fang to the port. Melvyn Palmer from Cars is here to assist.

Our awards banquet last night was certainly notable for the sheer amount of love in the room. The prizes were not just another trophy, but darling wire African animals. Laurie and I took the coveted Spirit of Rally award, a pair of metal guinea hens! We also received wire bulls for 1st in class. After the emotional impact wore off and we realized the burden of carrying animals home, heavy trading took place. I helped celebrate a 45th anniversary by passing along my hen. Laurie swapped hers for a lion. 

A good girl band played on the waterfront, so we headed out for dancing. Obligated to burn through the last of our Rand weren’t we? 

Every Day Counts !
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Fang Photo courtesy of Rally Round Facebook

Table Top Mountain, and all the cars ready to ship out. Fang (Chevy), Rhubarb (Buick), Leisel (BMW), Sol (Morgan), and many more.

Our trophy for First in Class
More wonderful awards, courtesy of Rally Round Facebook

Cowabunga and Pam

A horse of a different color
Very interesting Waterfront. And a Wheel!

Visited a car museum with four buildings just  like this one for holding the collection. Beautiful cars and grounds in Franscheok.

Amazing scenery in Franschoek

Ariel Motorbike in Museum

Hire Car Category Winners
Gary Anderson and Harry Dobrzensky – Ford Ranger
Against All Odds Award Winners
Jeremy Holden and Victoria Oliver – 1955 Morgan Plus 4
Spirit of the Rally Award Winners
Laurie and Pam Lyford – 1938 Chevrolet Fangio Coupe
Team Award Winners
Team Austang
Alec and Barbara Hammond – 1965 Ford Mustang
Chris and Judy Beighton – 1965 Ford Mustang
Steve and Ruth Lambert – 1972 BMW 2002 Touring
Vintage Class Awards
3rd: Chris and Kathy Grace – 1938 Chevrolet Fangio Coupe
2nd: Neil and Alex Lawson-May – 1935 Buick Sedan
1st: Laurie and Pam Lyford – 1938 Chevrolet Fangio Coupe
Overall Vintage Category Winners
David and Barbara Berks – 1929 Chrysler 75
Pre-1966 Classic Class Awards
3rd: Jeremy Holden and Victoria Oliver – 1955 Morgan Plus 4
2nd: Chris and Judy Beighton – 1965 Ford Mustang
1st: Claudine Bloom and Andrew Twort – 1965 Volvo 122 Amazon
Post-1966 Classic Class Awards
3rd: Alastair Caldwell and Rachel Christodoulou – Mercedes-Benz 250 SL
2nd: Lorenzo Castellini and Paolo Melloni – 1973 Alfa Romeo Giulia Super
1st: Johan Gitsels and Walter Op T’Roodt – 1973 Porsche 911
Overall Classic Category Winner
Steve and Ruth Lambert – 1972 BMW 2002 Touring

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Saturday, October 27, 2018

Day 25: Fangios at the Apostles, Cape Town- Finished!

All three Fangios finished!

The Whole Gang!  

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Day 25: On to Cape Town

Just sinking in that this will be our last day with Fang. 

Charlie and the T-Zero crew really changed the rally experience for us. While other teams spent long nights replacing major innards, adding yet another clutch, or lashing onward our four weary Rally Round mechanics to perform miracles, we were gifted with a very solid car.  Gravel roads were unkind, mountain passes tested brakes, clutches and nerve, heat withered, and yet Fang persevered, noble and sure footed, day after very long day. So a big thank you to all who turned a wrench, wired a panel, fixed a this or hammered a that. Bravo!

And to Laurie. She became the heart and soul of our little band of adventurers.  By day two she knew everyone’s 
name, their car stats and probably what brand of transmission they ran. She distributed healing potions for tummy, rashes, and colds, tried to feed me health foods ( no!) and finally, organized a rally chat group that the organizers even use. 

I can only imagine what the macho men thought when we showed up. She changed their minds quickly on the road and track, and then slipping into her mechanics suit and crawling under Fang. A huge cheer for a real champion.

To all who followed our exploits, thank you. We hope you enjoyed the ride.

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Friday, October 26, 2018

Day 24: Penultimate Rally Day

Knock out scenery, storybook villages, and a visit to the dreamy home of a renowned wine maker. Tomorrow we parade to the finish line, drink a little champagne and head into Cape Town for our final evening together.
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